• A pitching competition bringing leading startups from Asia-Pacific for a live, on-stage pitching battle
  • Only top 30 startups from the initial submissions will be selected to pitch in front of an audience of thousands
  • The startup that emerges victorious will be crowned winner with a cash prize of RM100,000
  • Locally-incorporated e-merchants vie to be Malaysia’s top e-Commerce merchant
  • Malaysia’s premier competition for local e-commerce merchants
  • Third year running
  • Winners judged on performance metrics such as sales, orders and more
  • Top 10 winners get slice of cash prize pool of RM 25,000, with other prizes and categories included

Programme & Schedules

0800 – 0900 (60 mins) Registration + Coffee
0900 – 0910 (10 mins)

Opening Speech

  • YB Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, Selangor State Senior Executive Councillor for Investment, Industry & Commerce, SMEs & Transportation
0910 – 0940 (30 mins)

Topic: Progressing Towards A Smarter Selangor

  • Keynote Speech
0940 – 1050 (70 mins)

City Discussion: The Vision of building Smart Cities

  • The advantages of information technology in helping city planners and city managers to grasp how the city is operating , where its weaknesses lie, and how it can be more efficient  
  • The main challenges and opportunities to take in building a smarter city
  • City Command Centers: the on-the-ground perspective
  • The Smart City Index and how Smart Cities are scored
1050 – 1110 (20 mins) Tea Break & Networking
1110 – 1220 (70 mins)

Panel Session: How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Smarter Living

  • The advantages of AI to help city planners and city managers to grasp how the city is operating , where its weaknesses lie, and how it can be more efficient
  • How cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence supports the city that forms a dynamic understanding of the citizens that serve, learning as they grow, and adapting to meet the demands of a diverse population.
  • The main challenges in integrating information technology to build a Smarter City
  • How cities can facilitate the implementation and the use of the latest digital technology
  • The approaches Smart Cities have taken in edging towards digitalised cities from around the world (cloud computing, rail automation, rainwater harvesting, green buildings, solar power, and fully digitalised infrastructure, buildings, governance and etc)
1220 – 1330 (70 mins)

Panel Session: The Opportunities of the Fourth Industry Revolution in Malaysia – PRODUCTIVITY, SKILLS, & PROFITS

  • The game-changing innovations that are changing the way products are manufactured
  • The Implementation and processes of Smart Manufacturing & Digital Factories
  • The key approach towards Industry 4.0 in a Smart City
  • How SMEs can react to thriving business models via digitalisation
1330 – 1430 (60 mins) Lunch & Networking
1430 – 1500 (30 mins)

Panel Session: How can IOT and Smart Technology contribute to smarter living?

  • How smart technology, internet, data and analytics can help solve environmental challenges
  • What the key components for a smarter living opportunity are
  • The significance of IOT as a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communications
  • Discussion on IOT and development challenges and the paradigm shift in creating a smart world that facilitates sustainable economic development along with a high quality of life
  • How IoT technology can help meet the basic needs of citizens for safety, security, and food, while enriching their home with a digital lifestyle, comfort, and entertainment applications
  • Presentation on case studies from a variety of industries and applications to show how businesses can succeed—or fail—by adopting it.
1500 – 1610 (70 mins)

Closing Panel: The adoption of Industry 4.0 and embracing the future of manufacturing.

This panel will wrap up Industrial IoT with the discussion below:

  • Discussion on planning, developing and transitioning towards incorporating IR 4.0
  • The issues that can be solved with the adoption of IR 4.0
  • The key components for a smarter manufacturing opportunity
  • The effects on business for SME’s with the adoption of IR 4.0
  • The role and involvement of the Malaysian Government in the development of IR 4.0
  • Presentation of case studies from a variety of industries and applications to show how businesses can succeed—or fail—by adopting it.
1610 – 1710 (60 mins)

End of Conference Day 1

Tea Break & Networking Session/ Tour of Exhibition  

0815 – 0900 (45 mins) Registration + Coffee
0900 – 0920 (20 mins) Opening/ Welcome/ Keynote Speech
0920 – 1000 (40 mins)

Panel Session: Cross Border – Growing a solid online business cross border and their success story

  • The secrets of successful sellers
  • The importance of of customer experience
  • What are the strategies that brings customer back
  • What are the strategies to save more time and deliver efficiency
  • How to get your products found on marketplace and to become top of the mind
  • Survival in highly competitive marketplace
1000 – 1015 (15 mins) Tea break & Networking
1015- 1035 (20 mins) Keynote Speech: Sponsors/ Partners
1035 – 1125 (40 mins)

Panel Session: How can marketplaces continue to support the growth of retailers worldwide

  • What are the greatest challenges and opportunity to cross-border e-commerce?
  • Customer support cross-border: managing language and timezone obstacles
  • How realistic is a comprehensive returns policy on cross-border shopping?
  • Improving economies of scale: capitalizing on the massive growth of cross-border
1125 – 1145 (20 mins)

Keynote Speech: Sponsors/ Partners – Leveraging Wechat for your eCommerce business


Keynote Speech: Building meaningful connections with your users through digital marketing platforms

1145 – 1225 (40 mins) Panel Session: Cross Border eCommerce – Driving Export for E-Retailers and How to make payments smarter, safer and faster?
1225 – 1400 (95 mins) Lunch & Networking

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