• A pitching competition bringing leading startups from Asia-Pacific for a live, on-stage pitching battle
  • Only top 30 startups from the initial submissions will be selected to pitch in front of an audience of thousands
  • The startup that emerges victorious will be crowned winner with a cash prize of RM100,000
  • Locally-incorporated e-merchants vie to be Malaysia’s top e-Commerce merchant
  • Malaysia’s premier competition for local e-commerce merchants
  • Third year running
  • Winners judged on performance metrics such as sales, orders and more
  • Top 10 winners get slice of cash prize pool of RM 25,000, with other prizes and categories included

Programme & Schedules

0800 – 0900 (60 mins) Registration + Coffee
0900 – 0910 (10 mins)

Opening Speech

  • YB Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, Selangor State Senior Executive Councillor for Investment, Industry & Commerce, SMEs & Transportation
0910 – 0940 (30 mins)

Topic: Building A Smart Selangor

  • Dr. Fahmi Ngah, CEO of SSDU
    Dr. Fahmi Ngah is the CEO of SSDU Innovations Sdn. Bhd. (SSDU), formerly known as Smart Selangor Delivery Unit, a division of Menteri Besar Selangor (MBI). Under his direction, the SSDU has engineered several smart strategies within 12 smart domains to improve the quality of living for Selangor citizens, and will be sharing more about Selangor’s journey, the approaches taken, challenges faced and what lies ahead for the Golden State.
0940 – 1010 (30 mins)

Topic: Global Trends and Strategic Approaches for Smart Cities

  • John Davies (Technology Advisor, UK Trade & Investment UKTI)
    Joh K Davies is a C-level business professional with significant experience at CxO level in tech businesses, and has held board level positions in strategic marketing, general management, international sales, and business development. In his post, he provides tech and business advice to tech SMEs looking to develop their business internationally. 
1010 – 1025 (15 mins) Tea Break & Networking Session
1025 – 1125 (60 mins)

City Discussion: Building Smart Cities 

  • Invited Moderator
  • Invited Panelist:
    i. Hangzhou Inteligent Cityii. Plannning & Development City of Eugene, United States

    iii. Perdagangan dan Transportasi, Jakarta
    iv. Centre for Livable Cities, Singapore
    v. Cyberview Sdn Bhd

1125 – 1225 (60 mins)

Panel Session: How Malaysia’s Plans to Win the Smart City Race

Invited Moderator: Mr. Yong Kai Ping, Chief Executive of Selangor Information Technology & E-commerce Council (SITEC)
i.Smart Waste Management

ii.Traffic & Moblity

iii.Communication & Connectivity

1225 – 1325 (60 mins) Lunch & Networking
1325 – 1425 (60 mins)

Panel Session: How Artificial Intelligence is Leveraging Machine Learning to Enhance Productivity.

Invited Moderator: Dato Lai Yit Loong, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing of Silterra

Invited Panelists:
i. SenseTime 商汤
The world most valuable AI company from China.
ii. AILabs 台灣人工智慧實驗室
iii. Tencent Group  腾讯
iv. Nvidia
v. Huawei  华为

1425 – 1525 (60 mins)

Panel Session: Towards a Cashless Society: Fintech & Blockchain

Invited Moderator: Rene Bernard, President of the Access Blockchain Association (Malaysia)

Invited Panelists:
i. NEM Malaysia

ii. MOLPay

iii. iPAY88

iv. Kiple Pay

1525 – 1625 (50mins)

Panel Session: Powering IR4.0 with Cloud Computing

Invited Moderator:

Invited Panelists:

  1. Microsoft Corporation
  1. Alibaba Cloud Computing (AliCloud)

iii. Google Asia Pacific

  1. Amazon Web Services
1625 – 1725 (60mins)

Panel Session: Realising IR 4.0 in Malaysia – Achievement and Lessons

Invited Moderator: Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia

Invited Panelists:

i. Hartalega Sdn Bhd

ii Isonic

iii. German-Malaysia Institute

Ngan Cheng Hwa, Deputy Managing Director GMI

End of Conference Day 1

Tea Break & Networking Session/ Tour of Exhibition


Time/ Day 1

National Mayor Roundtable 2018

1225 – 1325

(1 hr)

Lunch & Networking

1325 – 1340

(15 mins)

Opening Speech by YB Zuraida Kamaruddin, Minister of Housing and Local Government

1340 – 1500

(1 hr 20 mins)

Breakout Session 1: Traffic & Mobility

This session will discuss navigating current local, state, federal, and global policies on smart transportation solutions, what policies/regulations are needed, and explore why cooperative governance and mutual trust are essential in advancing smart transportation solutions.

– Traffic Management Systems (Green wave technology, Vehicle counting systems and etc)

– Vehicle information system (GPS Tracking)

– Routing information (Safe vehicle routing)

Invited Lead Discussers:

  • Smart Bus Selangor
  • Hangzhou Intelligent City

1340 – 1500

(1 hr 20 mins)

Breakout Session 2: Communication & Connectivity

This Session will discuss the data behind the Smart City Planning Standards, including:

– Canopy Coverage and Alternative Telecommunications

– Sensor Networks and IoT Protocols

– Data Exchanges, Storage, and Security

– Device and Software Compatibility and Accessibility

– Network Architecture and Ability to Scale

Invited Lead Discussers:

  •  TM Selangor
  •  YTL Communications
  • Deputi Governor of Industry and Transportation, Jakarta

1340 – 1500

(1 hr 20 mins)

Breakout Session 3: Smart Waste Management

This session focusses on deploying the latest digital technology-enabled solutions and best practices that can help increase the efficiency of waste collection and separation, and facilitate the transition of the waste market to a circular economy.

Invited lead Discusser:

  •  General Manager of KDEB Waste Management
  • PLB Eco Solutions Sdn Bhd

1500 – 1600

(60 mins)

Summary & Closing Remarks


Tea Break & Networking/ Exhibition Tour

0815 – 0900 (45 mins) Registration + Coffee
0900 – 0910 (10 mins) Opening/ Welcome/ Keynote Speech
0910 – 0925 (40 mins) Taobao University Malaysia E-Merchants Talent Cultivation System
Taobao University Representatives
0925 – 0935 (10 mins) Signing Ceremony
Taobao University & Mystartr Representative
0935- 1005 (30 mins) Global E-payment: Alipay Malaysia
Alipay Malaysia Representatives
1005 – 1035 (30 mins) Global Shopping: Penetrating the China Market as a Foreign Brand
Taobao Global Representative
1035 – 1105 (30 mins) CaiNiao: Global Fulfillment & Smart Logistics
CaiNiao Malaysia Representatives
1105 – 1135 (30 mins) DingDing: Enhancing SME work productivity
DingDing International Representatives
1135 – 1200 (25 mins) Malaysia Brand Stories
Taobao/Tmall Malaysia Brand Representatives
1200 – 1330 (1h 30mins) Lunch & Networking
1330 – 1530 (2hrs) Content Marketing Trends
Certified Taobao University Speakers
1530 – 1730 (2hrs) Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as an Online Marketing Strategy
Certified Taobao University Speakers

End of Conference Day 1

Tea Break & Networking Session/ Tour of Exhibition